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Self-Propelled Sprayer

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The 4x4 Hydro Sprayer has arrived prepared for the biggest challenges!

2000L Self-Propelled Sprayer | 4x4 | Hydrostatic Transmission


About Overlander

The Overlander is a modern project that features the most advanced technology in hydrostatic transmission, mounted on a light and resistant structure, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, providing high performance and fuel economy. Developed to meet the needs of the most demanding farmers, who are looking for equipment that is simple to operate, easy to maintain and with high technology onboard to deliver a safe and efficient application.


Electronic hydrostatic transmission

The 4x4 hydrostatic transmission system, made up of sets of wheel motors and Heavy Duty reducers, provide high torque and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The electronic traction control with anti-spin system that prevents false turning in one or more wheels provides a differentiated performance in the most adverse situations.


Greater comfort and safety

Modern, comfortable, spacious cabin with excellent sound insulation and activated carbon air filtration system.

Flexible and resistant chassis

Built on a light and resistant chassis, in structural steel bent in a U-beam and completely bolted, the Overlander easily absorbs torsions during the working day, avoiding material fatigue, eliminating weld cracks and preserving the useful life of the machine and its main components. .

Active Pneumatic Suspension

The Overlander has an active pneumatic suspension system with independent leveling valves for each air pocket. The long stroke of 270 mm provides a wide range of motion, allowing the sprayer to cross difficult terrain with surface variations such as bumps and level curves, always keeping the wheels well supported on the ground and tractioned. 🇧🇷

The active suspension sets its stiffness as needed, brings greater stability and less impact when encountering irregularities in the terrain. The softening of impacts reduces wear on components, increasing the useful life of the machine, and even brings greater comfort, safety and drivability for the operator.

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Cummins diesel engine

The Overlander 2000 features a Cummins QSB 4.5 electronic 130 hp engine, turbocharged and interlinked, it is powerful, responsive and follows MAR-1 gas emission standards. With variable rotation from 1500 to 2200 rpm, the electronic management allows working in rotations with higher torque and lower consumption.

Didactic interface and friendly technology

Easy to operate: The Overlander sprayers interface is very didactic and allows you to follow the spraying functions on the GPS computer screen, as well as monitor and interact with the machines functions through a 7-inch touchscreen display.

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The most spacious cabin in the category

More comfort and safety for the operator!!
The Overlander Cabin is modern, spacious, comfortable and with excellent acoustic insulation, it is pressurized and has an activated carbon air filtration system, providing safety and well-being for the operator! 🇧🇷


Spray System

• 5-stage centrifugal pump with a flow rate of 560 L/min works at 100% speed regardless of the diesel engine speed variation;

• GPS with hydraulic autopilot, flow controller and automatic section cutting (7 sections for a 25m boom and 9 sections for a 30m boom);

• 30L pesticide incorporator, controlled by the operations panel.

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Incomagri development project, built with the careful selection of the most qualified components suppliers in the market that guarantee greater performance, useful life and after-sales service.


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